How Our Service Works

The Basics

EcoTykes will deliver fresh, clean, 100% cotton diapers to your home each week for a flat weekly price. We provide you with everything you need to take care of your diapering needs and deliver it right to your door. The clean diapers will be delivered in a waterproof pail liner. Take the clean diapers out of the liner and use the liner in your diaper pail. There is no need to rinse the dirties, just shake any solid poop into the toilet. This is actually required of disposable diapers to keep untreated waste out of the landfills and running the risk of seeping into our groundwater (but who do you know that does this?). Simply toss your dirties into the pail and at the end of the week put them in a designated location for pickup. We will swing by with a clean batch of diapers, pick up your dirties and wash them.

It's just that easy!

Delivery Area
Package / Pricing Info
How To Get Started
Our Washing Process Diapers / Sizing Info F.A.Q.'s


The Package & Pricing Info

The Startup Kit: a one-time fee of $75

All service packages come with a Startup Kit. The fee is for us to prep your baby's diapers and also includes:
-2 Waterproof Pail Liners—changed out and washed weekly by us (on loan)
-1 Flip Lid Diaper Pail—(on loan)
-3 Diaper Covers—exchanged when your baby changes sizes (on loan)
-1 Snappi® Diaper Fastener—yours to keep
-Diaper Pail Deodorizers- 1 every 3 months

Startup Kits also include an orientation appointment where we deliver your first week's supply of diapers, the rental items to get started, and show you how to use a cloth diaper if needed.



**Startup Kit is combined with one of the following options to complete a service package:**


Your Baby's Cloth Diapers: $25/Week

This includes enough of our local, 100% unbleached cotton flannel or 100% Indian cotton prefold diapers to last a week. The diapers are sized to create a better fit for your child, and are exchanged for bigger sizes as they grow. This also includes the weekly pickup/delivery and laundering of the diapers.

You can order service months in advance (we will charge your first month and setup fee at your orientation appointment), but please order no later than 2 weeks out (to allow time for us to stock and prep your diapers). Please note that we do require a 4 week prepaid initial service commitment. After the first 4 weeks, we invoice on or near the first of the month for the following month.



Half & Half Service: $27.50/Week

We all know that sometimes cloth just isn't an option. Sometimes long outings, weekend trips and some daycares will not allow for cloth diapers to be the easiest option. For those times we have created our Half & Half Package.

This includes up to 50 cloth diapers and a supplement of 25 GroVia disposable inserts per week.

We have searched high and low for the most earth and baby friendly product available. We made sure to pick an insert that is chlorine, plastic, perfume and dye free. When finished, they can be thrown away, composted or even flushed. The inserts are designed to work with your diaper covers and just lay in the wraps/covers and are then fastened like normal.

* The elastic in the manufacturing of this diaper has not been tested for biodegradability & compostability.



*We offer discounts for multiple children, military families and also for paying for your service in advance*

Refer a Friend and get $10 off your next month's service!


Package Add-ons


Cloth Wipes

Keep more unwanted chemicals and preservatives away from your baby and try our cloth wipes!---just toss them in with your dirties and we will wash and return them

$10 per month for 75 wipes per week

Ask us about purchasing or renting more covers!!!

Rentals Starting at
$1/week per cover
$4/week for 5 covers

Got Stinky Diapers??

Contact us about stripping and deep cleaning services


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Diapers / Sizing Info

We supply you with our 100% unbleached cotton prefolds, enough to diaper your child for a full week. The diapers are sized to create a better fit for your child, and are exchanged for bigger sizes as they grow. We are looking into offering fitteds in the future.
-Very, very absorbent.
-No stuffing required! easy to fold and to place in a wrap.
-Can be customized for any baby...simply by folding!
-Use with any type of wrap for even more customizing- change prints and colors, fit and fabric.
-Versatile! Use as a diaper, burp pad, changing pad, etc.

Premie sizes available*

More Info Coming Soon.

Size 1

Newborn to 2 months

Size 2

2 months to 6 months

Size 3

6 months to 18 months


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Delivery Areas

Our current Service areas include the following counties:

Knox - Blount - Sevier - Cocke - Jefferson

Don't see your county listed? Contact us to see about adding service to your area! We can also work with you to drop off at a work location, friend or family member's house, or whatever might be more convenient!


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Our Washing Process

Here at EcoTykes, our number one concern is your baby. You baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive and should not be subjected to the chemicals in disposables, so why would we use harsh chemicals to clean your cloth diapers?

We believe that just because we are a diaper service, there is no need to use the harsh chemicals that some services use. We use all natural detergents and presoaks, and rely on the hot water temperatures, our all natural sanitizer and our commercial washers/extractors to thoroughly clean and sanitize your baby's diapers.

They are put through a 7-step washing process, sanitized and PH balanced to match your baby's delicate skin. We also make sure that your baby receives their same stash of diapers each week.



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How To Get Started

Once you decide that cloth diapering is the right choice for you and your baby (Still not convinced? Check out our Why Choose Cloth? section), you would then contact EcoTykes and we will determine the number and size of diapers you will need. We also have add-ons that we can supply you with as well.

Prior to birth, we will set up an orientation appointment with you about 3-4 weeks before your delivery. Once your bundle of joy arrives, simply give us a call to let us know when to start your weekly pickup and delivery.

If your child is already born, we will set up an orientation appointment and start your weekly pickup and delivery as soon as possible or when you are ready.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you think of one that is not posted please contact us and let us know. Chances are it is probably something another parent would ask and we would love to answer it for you and also add it here.

What kind of diapers do you supply?
Currently we supply you with 100% unbleached flannel cotton prefolds. Our flannel prefolds are made specifically for us with USA grown, unbleached cotton, through a local company in Ashville, NC. We also have Indian cotton and Chinese cotton diapers that are very absorbant and are the normal diapers supplied through diaper services.

What if my childcare provider does not handle cloth diapers?
Childcare providers are like most people and can see the light when cloth diapering is explained a little more and they see how easy it really is. Try to explain your reasons for why you would like your child diapered with cloth and we can possibly contact them to help explain the benefits as well. If it is still a problem we are looking into providing a disposable insert option. But for now, you will have to resort to disposable diapers while your child is in their care.

Are their diaper creams that I should not use?

***Yes, please do not use Destin or other products that contain fish oil, these stain the diapers.

Is there a refund for diapers that are not used?
If you do not use the week's allotment of diapers, you are not issued a refund. It is a lot like your cell phone plan, you are not given a refund if you do not use all of your minutes.

We charge a flat rate for our service to keep things simple no matter how many diapers you use. If you find you are regularly using more or less diapers than your allotment, please Contact Us and we will happily adjust the number delivered.

Do I get the same diapers back each week?
YES! Fortunately, we have created a colored stitching/ labeling system that guarantees your family will receive the same diapers each week!

Note: We do not wash single loads. One of the advantages of a cloth diaper service is the use of large commercial machines that use less water and detergent than home machines. If we were to do a load per customer, we would waste a lot of energy, water, and detergent.

Do I have to rinse the diapers?
No. Actually, we would prefer that you do not rinse the diapers as it can help set in stains or cause mold. If your child is currently breastfeeding or not eating solid food, simply toss the dirties into your pail, nothing else to do. Once your child's poop becomes solid (after they start eating solid food), we ask that you flip or shake the poop into the toilet, and throw the soiled diaper in the diaper bin. We will take care of the rest!

Can I wash the diapers myself?
Please do not wash the diapers yourself. If you are about to run out of diapers, please call us, and we will gladly deliver more diapers.

What if I have multiple children in cloth diapers?
We offer a discount of 25% for each additional service.

What happens if I forget to put the diapers out on my designated pick up day?
We will first attempt to contact you by knocking on your door when we are there for pickup. If you are home, then there is no problem. If no one is home, we will leave the clean diapers, and attempt to contact you over the phone. Once you speak to an EcoTykes representative, you can either drop off the dirty diapers at our office at no charge, or for a $10 fee we will return the next day to pick up the diapers.

What if I go on vacation?
Please contact us a week before you leave so we can provide you with enough diapers to take with you if you choose and postpone delivery/pickup service until you return.

What happens around holidays or inclement weather?
Two to three weeks before holidays, we will notify you of any changes to the schedule. If there is inclement weather, please expect regular service unless you hear from us.

How do I end my service?
If you are looking to end your service hopefully it is because you have reached the joyful day of a potty trained little one. If there is any other reason, please contact us to discuss any issues you may have. For cancellation, we will need a week's notice to set up final pick up. At that time we will pick up the pail, pail liners, clean and dirty diapers/wipes, and any rental covers.

I can't get ahold of your office. Help!

EcoTykes is a very small family run company. We are usually very busy washing diapers, searching diapers for stains, hanging them out to sun, drying diapers, making deliveries or just at home cooking dinner for our kids or trying to get a hold on a messy house. (phew) We assure you that we are open and your business is important to us. We will get you scheduled for an appointment as soon as possible. The best way to contact us about service is to email us through our contact page with your due date and info about your particular situation. We will return your email within a few days hopefully answering all of your questions and scheduling your orientation appointment.

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